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Stock solutions

Stock Just-in-Time (JIT)

Our customers are dedicated to keeping processes as ‘lean’ as possible to increase efficiency with a cost-cutting inventory management strategy. If you want to avoid high Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) and wish to stock as little as possible while benefiting from quick delivery times, Incotech can stock items for you and deliver them only when you need them, on your chosen date and in the quantity specified by you. Plus, Incotech offers fixed price contracts for JIT arrangements.

Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

The advantages of VMI for customers are numerous: a balance sheet free of dead stock, continuous stock replenishment, no risk of loss or damage to stock, less labour-intensive operations, fewer transportation movements and much reduced costs. Incotech offers to manage your stocks as per your instructions, based on your rolling forecast. Our full commitment to a mutually managed project will generate considerable savings for you, both in ongoing revenue expenditures and in reserves. 

One example is an ongoing and successful joint initiative between Incotech and a customer from the aviation industry that kickstarted in 2008. In addition to our own stock, we buy and stock products for that customer on our premises while ensuring Just-in-Time delivery, along with all appropriate certificates. For the customer, this results in savings in supplier management, stock investment, warehousing, purchasing capacity and risk. 

Call-off Orders

You want monthly deliveries but your manufacturer insists on producing and delivering your annual need in one go? Incotech can help you. Your parts will be kept in our heated modern warehouses and will be delivered and invoiced according to your instructions.


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